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331 Pool and Beach

Poolpal South Walton Pool Service 30A South Walton Pool Servicing Company

We Treat Your Pool Like We Own It!

Providing superior swimming pool service at high-use vacation rentals and condominiums along Scenic Highway 30-A in South Walton County, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

We Are . . .

  • Reliable.  We meet our schedule, every week, week in and week out, all year every year.
  • Detail-oriented.  Even the inside of your skimmer gets scrubbed.
  • Problem-solvers.  If we see a problem we can fix, we fix it.  Right away.  If we see a problem you need to fix, we let you know.
  • Gracious.  If your guests have a question or a need, we'll respond;  otherwise we do our work and we leave.
  • Proud.  We are proud of our work, and we perform work we can be proud of.
  • A team player.  We have good working relationships with all of the property managers in the area.
  • And we have integrity.  The tasks we contract to do, get done.  Cheating is for poker, not pool service.


Florida Swimming Pool Association




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