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Our Licensing . . .

A pool servicing contractor's license is required for the replacement of pool equipment or for pool repairs of any kind.

Ch. 489.115(1), Florida Statutes:   No person may engage in the business of contracting in this state without first being certified or registered in the proper classification.

Swimming Pool Servicing Contractor -- Definition and Scope of Work Excerpted from Chapter 489.105(3)(l), Florida Statutes

"Swimming pool/spa servicing contractor" means a contractor whose scope of work involves, but is not limited to, the repair and servicing of any swimming pool, or hot tub or spa, whether public or private, or otherwise, regardless of use. The scope of work includes the repair or replacement of existing equipment, any cleaning or equipment sanitizing which requires at least a partial disassembling, excluding filter changes, and the installation of new pool/spa equipment, interior refinishing, the reinstallation or addition of pool heaters, the repair or replacement of all perimeter piping and filter piping, the repair of equipment rooms or housing for pool/spa equipment, and the substantial or complete draining of a swimming pool, or hot tub or spa, for the purpose of any repair or renovation. The scope of such work does not include direct connections to a sanitary sewer system or to potable water lines. The installation, construction, modification, substantial or complete disassembly, or replacement of equipment permanently attached to and associated with the pool or spa for the purpose of water treatment or cleaning of the pool or spa requires licensure; however, the usage of such equipment for the purposes of water treatment or cleaning shall not require licensure unless the usage involves construction, modification, substantial or complete disassembly, or replacement of such equipment. Water treatment that does not require such equipment does not require a license. In addition, a license shall not be required for the cleaning of the pool or spa in any way that does not affect the structural integrity of the pool or spa or its associated equipment.

Commercial pool/spa contractor and residential pool/spa contractor licenses are defined to include the scope of work of a swimming pool/spa servicing contractor (sections j and k).

Continuing Education Requirements

F.S. 489.115(b)1.  Each certificate holder or registrant shall provide proof, in a form established by rule of the board, that the certificate holder or registrant has completed at least 14 classroom hours of at least 50 minutes each of continuing education courses during each biennium since the issuance or renewal of the certificate or registration. The board shall establish by rule that a portion of the required 14 hours must deal with the subject of workers' compensation, business practices, and workplace safety.

Insurance Requirements

F.S. 489.115(5)(a)  As a prerequisite to the initial issuance or the renewal of a certificate or registration, the applicant shall submit an affidavit on a form provided by the board attesting to the fact that the applicant has obtained workers' compensation insurance as required by chapter 440, public liability insurance, and property damage insurance for the safety and welfare of the public, in amounts determined by rule of the board.

Florida Department of Health Certification

Certification approved by the Florida Department of Health is required for operation of commercial pools (serving more than four living units).

Excerpt from Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 64E-9:

Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Places

64E-9.018 -- Public Pool Service Technician Certification

    An individual who services a public pool by maintaining the cleanliness, water quality and chemical balance of public pools shall be certified. To be certified an individual must demonstrate knowledge of public pools. Examples of such knowledge include: pool cleaning, general pool maintenance, make-up water supply, bacteriological, chemical and physical quality of water and water purification, testing, treatment, and disinfection procedures. To ensure that the pool technicians are knowledgeable, said technician shall attend a training course of national recognition that is approved by the department of at least 16 hours in length and shall pass a test acceptable to the department. Certification is conferred upon an individual and is nontransferable. Certification does not imply any licensure and specifically not that of contractor as regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation under Section 489.105(3)(j), (k), or (l), F.S. A certified pool technician may not affect the structural integrity of the pool or equipment, and shall not delegate work to others, including employees, that are not themselves certified under this section, or otherwise exempt from this provision per Chapter 514, F.S.
    (1) Training shall include the following study topics for the hours indicated:
    (a) Swimming pool calculations 1 hour;
    (b) Filter type and filtration circulation 4 hours;
    (c) Water chemistry – balancing & testing 5 hours;
    (d) Spas and warm water pools 1 hour;
    (e) Pool and spa maintenance 2 hours;
    (f) Operational and safety requirements 2 hours; and
    (g) State health code Chapter 64E-9, F.A.C., 1 hour.
    (2) Course materials must be provided that cover the required topics in detail. The course approval shall be contingent upon their meeting the items listed in subsection (1) above and the subjects listed in Section 514.075, F.S. The test approval shall be contingent upon all of the questions being related to the subject areas listed in subsection (1) above and the subjects listed in Section 514.075, F.S., with at least 10% of the questions from the subject areas in paragraphs (1)(a) through (f) above, and the remaining 40% covering any of the seven pool subject areas listed in rule or Section 514.075, F.S. The minimum passing score for the test shall be no less than 70% correct for all questions. There shall be a minimum of 50 questions.
    (3) Any individual or organization requesting the department to review their courses for compliance with the requirements of this rule, must submit copies of their training materials to the department prior to providing that training within the state. A copy of the test to be given, answers to the test questions, and a statement indicating the length of time a classroom topic will be conducted shall be included. The department shall review the materials and inform the applicant of its findings within 60 days from receipt of all training materials.
    (4) The department shall deem certified any individual who has been proven certified by a course of national recognition.
    (5) This requirement does not apply to a person or the direct employee of a person permitted as a public pool operator under Section 514.031, F.S. Further, persons licensed under Section 489.105(3)(j), (k), or (l), F.S., shall be deemed certified.
    (6) Proof of certification shall be posted conspicuously in the equipment room of each pool serviced or must otherwise be available for inspection by the department.
    (7) Any reference to department approval shall state no more than: “This course is approved by the Florida Department of Health for student certification as a Public Pool Service Technician under Chapters 514, Florida Statutes, and 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code.”

Rulemaking Authority 381.006, 514.021, 514.075 FS. Law Implemented 514.025, 514.075 FS. History– New 9-25-97, Amended 5-27-04, 5-24-09.

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