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Pool Pal, Inc.:  Who We Are . . .

We provide routine weekly and twice-a-week swimming pool cleaning and pool operation for more than 300 properties in South Walton County, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  We operate commercial pools at condominiums and subdivisions as well as high-use residential vacation rentals.  We also work for private homeowners and for absentee owners.  We are a Qualified Business, licensed to perform swimming pool service under the requirements of the Florida Department of Professional Regulation Construction Industry Licensing Board.  We are a licensed Florida Registered Swimming Pool Servicing Contractor and we meet or exceed the bi-annual continuing education requirements.  We carry workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance as NSPF Certified Pool Spa Operatorsrequired by law.

Our field staff of 7 full-time pool operators are all NSPF Certified Pool Operators.  We require new employees to become certified within their first year.  During the summer we also employ several assistants to help our pool operators with the increased work load.  Our field supervisor coordinates scheduling and starts up new contracts. 

Business operations are handled by our office manager.  The owner acquires contracts, determines protocol, and serves as consultant for field operations.  The owner maintains licensing required to be a Florida Registered Swimming Pool Servicing Contractor.   Repairs are coordinated through the business office. 

331 Pool and Beach.com

Pool School Florida

We maintain membership in professional associations and attend seminars for the purpose of staying current with

new technology and equipment, and to stay informed of changes in water chemistry theory and regulatory protocol.

In the spring of 2006 we opened a small retail outlet, 331 Pool and Beach Supply, on US 331, 3 miles south of Freeport.

About the owner of Pool Pal, Joan Vienot:  "I practically grew up in a swimming pool.  My first job was at the city pool when I was 13, as an aide to a swimming instructor.  I worked 20 hours a week for $1.65 an hour, doing such things as demonstrating the "face float" and hosing the decks.  In the afternoons I played in our little 12' backyard pool and helped my sisters with the upkeep.  I continued working at the city pool every summer, promoting to lifeguard and swimming instructor, and eventually being tasked with management duties.  At the University of Northern Colorado, I obtained degrees in Fine Arts and in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, continuing my employment in aquatics.  I taught adult swimming lessons for the local community college, and I was the "professional" paid victim for the lifeguard training classes at the university.  I coached the girls swim team at a high school where I also taught Art from 1977 to 1980.  In 1980 I moved to Seagrove Beach, Florida, where I managed a commercial pool at a campground and RV park.  In 1983 I began offering my expertise in pool service, and Pool Pal was born.  I took the Certified Pool Operator Course and acquired my license as a Florida Registered Swimming Pool Servicing Contractor.  I continued my professional growth by becoming an instructor of the National Swimming Pool Foundation's Certified Pool Operator course, which I offer several times a year through Pool School Florida, to provide the certification required of public pool operators in Florida."

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