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Our Services . . .

Weekly or Twice-a-Week, Residential or Commercial

  • Sparkling Happy PoolBrush walls and floor as needed.
  • Vacuum floor.
  • Remove grime from tile and skimmers.
  • Hose decks, straighten furniture.
  • Empty ashtrays, poolside trash.
  • Super- or spot-chlorinate as needed.
  • Clean filter as needed.
  • Remove excess rainwater.
  • Maintain proper levels of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and stabilizer.
  • Log chemical readings, flow rate and filter pressure, chemical use and services.
  • Maintain records required by health department (commercial pools).

Additional Summer Daily Service
for commercial pools with inconsistent use varying operational needs

Pool Chemical Test Kit
  • Remove excess rainwater. Maintain chemical levels.
  • Log chemical and filter readings.
  • Clean filter when needed.


  • Providing printed recommendations for routine chemical dosages and operational tips specific to your swimming pool (site visit required, within the area of Santa Rosa Beach, FL).
  • Providing pre-construction tips to reduce maintenance and management needs.
  • Instruction of the NSPF Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course  through Pool School Florida, certifying commercial pool operators to meet Florida Dept. of Health training requirements.


Many factors affect the time required to service a swimming pool and the amount of chemicals that will be needed.  Factors to consider are proximity to the beach, likelihood of windblown debris entering the pool, landscaping such as overhanging trees, or blooming and shedding plants, amount of anticipated use, whether the pool will be heated in the winter, and whether for private or semi-public use.  Our routine service contracts are priced individually.  For that reason we personally inspect the pool and talk to the owner or agent before quoting a price.  We have found however, that our customers do not just look at price.  Our customers want convenience, quality, aesthetics, and problem-solving solutions.  Most of all, they want reliability.  We excel in all of these areas, treating your pool as if we owned it ourselves.  In short, we meet your high standards!

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